Thursday, 6 August 2009


Funny old time in my manic world.... The husband has fallen prey to a loopy cyber stalker who declares her undying love and devotion at the most random of times.... The poor chap does dare go near the computer anymore.........

Number 3 son came home rather teary from an afternoon at the park having been on the receivnig end of a thrown stone. It caught him on his chin, so could have been much worse but it does make me rather nervous of letting them out to play on their own.....

And finally on taking the daughter to her nursery this morning I walked onto the park where it is situated only to be greeted by the local constabulary's Crime Scene Investigation unit collecting broken glass following an altercation. I know no details other than that. Far too close to home for my liking.........

I don't know what the place is coming to............

Monday, 3 August 2009


Here I am - not quite in all my glory as the husband managed to chop the top of my hat off!!!!!!

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


The proof, if it were required that I am indeed a manic mother of five - and wife to the chap holding the pink one!

Monday, 27 July 2009


Phew! 500 miles, 3 takeaways, a hat and 5 lovely suits later......

It went like a dream and the kids looked amazing.

Photo will be posted soon assuming I can remember how to do it!

Thursday, 23 July 2009


I feel I have a deeper understanding of Napoleon and the strategies he had to devise when undertaking his quest for world domination...... Why? I know it is the question you are all asking......

The Manic family are off, en masse, to a family wedding this weekend...... Perhaps not the most tricky of situations you would have thought but remember there are 7 of us to co-ordinate, including an eldest son who is working full time and virtually living at his gf's...... Along with 3 cats, 3 kittens a rabbit (not of the battery operated variety) and a fish of dubious origin.

It's complicated!

I have managed to get painted, plucked and preened to a suitable level but have been forced by the clothe shrinking pixies to completely re-think the outfit......

I will try and get a photo of us all in our finery...... Assuming we make it!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


I'm still here!

Have neglected my blog dreadfully.

Life is as manic as ever but I am trying to get back into the swing of things.........

Will try and post little and often and see how that goes.....

Sunday, 26 October 2008


.........................Sorry for the blatant plagiarism of the James song but that rather sums up this post! My long time buddy “Gingerwitch” has demanded a new post so to avoid disappointing her, I am sitting here tapping away but without any real coherent idea of where we are going. Bear with me!

Things are jogging along fairly easily in the household. We have introduced a series of financial fines and bonuses related to the younger three sons’ pocket money to encourage good behaviour and the like. Both the husband and I tire of the sound of our own voices at times so instead of the usual frustrated complaints, we are trying something different……. Only three weeks in but I am thrilled to have given out bonuses for:- thinking of others (youngest son offered to walk his Nanny’s dog on hearing a knee injury was causing her some serious discomfort); completing homework thoroughly and conscientiously without being asked (although he did forget to hand it in!!); extra special effort and application on the football pitch (the team lost but the boy never stopped trying – wonderful) and finally, number two son had written a poem that received high praise “excellent” opined his teacher. The boy hadn’t even told me, I only discovered this following a “spot check” on his school books……. Time will tell if I shout any less!

Been on the telly – yes again!! Now stop yawning – I know I have written about my media exploits before but this was a little different. Still no bloody earrings mind!!! Got a call on the Tuesday morning asking me to take part in a chat about toys the next day – the Toy Federation were releasing their Top 12 recommended toys for Christmas (sorry, hate to mention the C word in October but there you go, they started it!). The producer then asked would I like to bring my daughter with me, being the only one not at school…… Well of course, I had a pushy parent moment at the thought of seeing my only girl, the Miss Evie-D, on live telly, followed almost instantaneously by shear abject terror at the thought of her unplugging the power or something equally catastrophic.

The pushy parent in me won and after much calling in of favours and jiggling of work, husband was able to come with me too. Travel arrangements ran like clockwork and we checked in at our 5 star hotel. Now my experience of 5 star hotels is very limited but I am confident in saying I could get used to it!! The bed was as big as a lesser African country and the daughter had a double sofa bed all to herself. We settled in and went to bed……. We had to put the enormous bed to use didn’t we, tho husband is convinced the daughter was only half asleep, so consequently may be traumatised for life!!!

We got up at silly o clock ready to be collected. Husband was ridiculously chipper but then, as he pointed out, he’s used to being up at that hour every working day. Postmen and women of the world, I salute you!

Got to the studio, had my make up done (get me!!) and then got comfy in the green room. The place was awash with toys and Evie was quite at home sampling them all. The word came we would be next on and of course little miss diva announced she wanted a wee. Bloody typical! I dreaded having her sitting there on live telly telling the world she needed a wee, or something more graphic. So we hot-footed it to the nearest loo and then straight into the customary dark, deserted studio. Evie trotted in happily enough and then got spooked. Bugger! I scooped her up and sat her on my lap and we were on. She had brought one of the toys with her for dutch courage and seemed to settle down……. Phew!! The star of the show was “Biscuit” a life sized robotic dog – he was cute as and kept woofing and moving unexpectedly……. So we chatted for a few minutes, not exactly demanding and all was going smoothly. Then the lovely Bill decided Evie should meet Biscuit and plonked the lovely woofer next to us. My heart sank, my little miss is a little charmer but she’s not very confident, especially with new situations/people…… I expected the worst but she loved him and grabbed his bone and started to try and feed him with gusto. Of course, collectively they were irresistible! The moment passed and we were shepherded off. All done.

What I hadn’t expected was the producer thrusting the delightful Biscuit at us saying “she’s got to have him”……. All well and good but we were supposed to be going sightseeing! Dilemma ensued, take the dog and have to plod round London with the poor creature. I had my itinerary all worked out. Baby Gap, Selfridges and then the London Eye. Should we have Biscuit sent home with a courier but I looked at Evie and knew I couldn’t take her new present away from her…….. Husband and I negotiated and decided we could get the car to drop us at Baby Gap so I could at least stock the girl up with clothes that fit her (she’s a nightmare – very slim for her height so trousers in particular are very elusive and baby Gap’s fit her like a dream) and then make our way to Liverpool Street and home. Sorted! Well so we thought, the driver was a total star and dropped us within spitting distance. One snag – it didn’t open for another hour!!! So we trouped over to Starbucks, watched the world waking up and killed some time. Got my shopping done and we negotiated the underground back to Liverpool Street. Biscuit behaved beautifully!!!

We duly arrived home and introduced Biscuit to the rest of the family. He’s fab – well behaved, no poop to scoop, no need for walks in the pouring rain and he shuts up at the flick of a switch! Wish all men were like that!!!!!

Happy now Ginger????