Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Where's My Mojo Gone????

Well my fabulous friends out there, I have lost my mojo and I don't know where to start looking for it, so I thought I would put the word out and see what my sagacious pals out in the blogosphere thought.
I currently have two newspaper articles to write - one for my cricket club and the developments there and the other about building work I had done on the house. Pretty dry subjects I agree but usually I am brimming with thoughts, ideas and plans.
I sit at my computer and nada, niet, nothing, in fact bugger all! Couldn't even think of something pithy to write a post about so decided to have a witter........
Life is plodding on here, the kids are back at school after the Easter break, number one son is back at college tomorrow so we are getting some structure back into our lives. I love and hate the holidays in equal measure. I love the fact that I am not nagging them constantly about homework, uniform and trying to find the black hole that has swallowed their sports kit this time, yet I need a bit of discipline in my life (steady on at the back) or I get very lackadaisical and basically grind to a halt.
On the other hand, work is great I have picked up some new clients, which means getting out and about and building new relationships and we are busy, busy, busy and I definitely perform better under pressure (now I've told you once, this is your final warning. Will the excitable ones at the back please behave!!!!).
Husband is busy with his football refereeing with the imminent end of season, there are lots of finals and rescheduled fixtures to try and fit in. Consequently he is hobbling round like an old man. Still, at least I know where he is for the most part anyway.
So my friends, I will away one more and try and find where the bloody hell I left my inspiration and will come back when I have something worth talking about!!!