Sunday, 26 October 2008


.........................Sorry for the blatant plagiarism of the James song but that rather sums up this post! My long time buddy “Gingerwitch” has demanded a new post so to avoid disappointing her, I am sitting here tapping away but without any real coherent idea of where we are going. Bear with me!

Things are jogging along fairly easily in the household. We have introduced a series of financial fines and bonuses related to the younger three sons’ pocket money to encourage good behaviour and the like. Both the husband and I tire of the sound of our own voices at times so instead of the usual frustrated complaints, we are trying something different……. Only three weeks in but I am thrilled to have given out bonuses for:- thinking of others (youngest son offered to walk his Nanny’s dog on hearing a knee injury was causing her some serious discomfort); completing homework thoroughly and conscientiously without being asked (although he did forget to hand it in!!); extra special effort and application on the football pitch (the team lost but the boy never stopped trying – wonderful) and finally, number two son had written a poem that received high praise “excellent” opined his teacher. The boy hadn’t even told me, I only discovered this following a “spot check” on his school books……. Time will tell if I shout any less!

Been on the telly – yes again!! Now stop yawning – I know I have written about my media exploits before but this was a little different. Still no bloody earrings mind!!! Got a call on the Tuesday morning asking me to take part in a chat about toys the next day – the Toy Federation were releasing their Top 12 recommended toys for Christmas (sorry, hate to mention the C word in October but there you go, they started it!). The producer then asked would I like to bring my daughter with me, being the only one not at school…… Well of course, I had a pushy parent moment at the thought of seeing my only girl, the Miss Evie-D, on live telly, followed almost instantaneously by shear abject terror at the thought of her unplugging the power or something equally catastrophic.

The pushy parent in me won and after much calling in of favours and jiggling of work, husband was able to come with me too. Travel arrangements ran like clockwork and we checked in at our 5 star hotel. Now my experience of 5 star hotels is very limited but I am confident in saying I could get used to it!! The bed was as big as a lesser African country and the daughter had a double sofa bed all to herself. We settled in and went to bed……. We had to put the enormous bed to use didn’t we, tho husband is convinced the daughter was only half asleep, so consequently may be traumatised for life!!!

We got up at silly o clock ready to be collected. Husband was ridiculously chipper but then, as he pointed out, he’s used to being up at that hour every working day. Postmen and women of the world, I salute you!

Got to the studio, had my make up done (get me!!) and then got comfy in the green room. The place was awash with toys and Evie was quite at home sampling them all. The word came we would be next on and of course little miss diva announced she wanted a wee. Bloody typical! I dreaded having her sitting there on live telly telling the world she needed a wee, or something more graphic. So we hot-footed it to the nearest loo and then straight into the customary dark, deserted studio. Evie trotted in happily enough and then got spooked. Bugger! I scooped her up and sat her on my lap and we were on. She had brought one of the toys with her for dutch courage and seemed to settle down……. Phew!! The star of the show was “Biscuit” a life sized robotic dog – he was cute as and kept woofing and moving unexpectedly……. So we chatted for a few minutes, not exactly demanding and all was going smoothly. Then the lovely Bill decided Evie should meet Biscuit and plonked the lovely woofer next to us. My heart sank, my little miss is a little charmer but she’s not very confident, especially with new situations/people…… I expected the worst but she loved him and grabbed his bone and started to try and feed him with gusto. Of course, collectively they were irresistible! The moment passed and we were shepherded off. All done.

What I hadn’t expected was the producer thrusting the delightful Biscuit at us saying “she’s got to have him”……. All well and good but we were supposed to be going sightseeing! Dilemma ensued, take the dog and have to plod round London with the poor creature. I had my itinerary all worked out. Baby Gap, Selfridges and then the London Eye. Should we have Biscuit sent home with a courier but I looked at Evie and knew I couldn’t take her new present away from her…….. Husband and I negotiated and decided we could get the car to drop us at Baby Gap so I could at least stock the girl up with clothes that fit her (she’s a nightmare – very slim for her height so trousers in particular are very elusive and baby Gap’s fit her like a dream) and then make our way to Liverpool Street and home. Sorted! Well so we thought, the driver was a total star and dropped us within spitting distance. One snag – it didn’t open for another hour!!! So we trouped over to Starbucks, watched the world waking up and killed some time. Got my shopping done and we negotiated the underground back to Liverpool Street. Biscuit behaved beautifully!!!

We duly arrived home and introduced Biscuit to the rest of the family. He’s fab – well behaved, no poop to scoop, no need for walks in the pouring rain and he shuts up at the flick of a switch! Wish all men were like that!!!!!

Happy now Ginger????

Monday, 22 September 2008


Well it's happened again - my going AWOL over the summer months....... I can here you Brits humphing at the mention of summer...... OK, I disappeared for August.......
Wasn't for any earth shattering reason, just bloody busy.
Cricket, as ever occupied much of the time and when it wasn't actually being played it was organising teams for said pastime and if it wasn't arrangements, it was coaching and if not coaching it was pouring (!!) over weather forecasts trying to predict if the game would actually get played........ The team the husband plays for won a cup that the club had never managed to win before, so that was a good night! My two older boys enjoyed playing at senior level and good old fashioned sibling rivalry certainly seemed to sput them on.
Work has swayed from busy, to manically busy back to normal busy. Not complaining, love my job but it can be pretty full on at times.
Managed to persuade the husband to comtemplate a foreign holiday........ I wasn't so persuasive as to manage to get him to actually renew his passport so I guess that will have to wait until next year.
Settled number 2 and number 3 sons into a new high school....... Now therein does lie a tale...... Number 3 son was always scheduled to attend a different school to number 2, who was at our local comp....... I wasn't happy with the standards there and with number 3 being statemented, I was very anxious that his needs would not be catered for at our nearest school. Much agonising and worrying later, I found another reasonably local school with a much more pleasant environment........ The week before the end of term, number 2 son announced he wanted to change schools too......... Marvellous! I realy needed all that hassle. Anyway, I grilled him particularly carefully and his motivation to move seemed well thought out and genuinly considered..... Two new uniforms and two bus passes later and both seem to be settling in well.........
Number one son passed his driving test and turned 18 in August, so you can imagine that it turned out to be a scarily expensive month!
Had a whistle stop tour of Milton Keynes, Bicester, Oxford and Stratford Upon Avon over a weekend and that's about it......
Oh yeah, was in the local paper today in an article about blogging so thought I'd better do some!!!
Have been reading my regular pages but guess now the nights are drawing in I will be a better correspondent........
Talk soon xxx

Thursday, 24 July 2008


I have been working full time recently as my colleague (and Manager) is on paternity leave. Consequently life has been pretty busy. Add to that mix our biggest client having a peak in production and I have been in danger of meeting myself coming back.
Then today, the most random of experience. My mobile rang at work (fortunately we con;t have any draconian nonsense about personal calls, just some good old old fashioned common sense, i/e/ don't take the piss!). So I duly answered the call and found myself talking to a BBC Breakfast Producer (remember my previous incarnation as part of their technology family??).
Anyway, it transpires that there is a campaign to raise awareness about the legal implications of leaving children aged under 16 home on their own.
Obviously, as a serial mother, they thought I may have an opinion on the matter. I mean, me express an opinion - have I ever????!!!!
I am writing this long-hand in my trusty notepad ready to transcribe once I get near a PC - one that works I might add as the home PC is currently dreadfully poorly thanks to the efforts of number one son.
Just realised I am not wearing any earrings. Curses! The ignominy of appearing on live national television without any earrings....... Will I ever live it down????
(Written on the train to Liverpool St 10th July 2008)

Thursday, 17 July 2008


Just watched it at the cinema............ Should be compulsory viewing for ladies of a certain age.

A real tonic and highly recommended.

Book your tickets now!


This question will annoy you all and I know I will receive several conflicting answers............
Is it possible to get chicken pox more than once??????????????
I will tell you what is riding on the consensus soon...........................

Monday, 30 June 2008


The daughter has been struggling with her sleep just recently – it’s been hot and clammy at night, plus lovely and bright by 5am, hence she’s been very restless.

Saturday morning she woke whilst her daddy was getting ready for work and was raring to go. Her mummy wasn’t! Obviously she needed watching when the husband left for work so I brought her into bed for a cuddle and quick chat. It was quite apparent that she was still tired so after a little “persuasion” she went back to bed.

I climbed back into my lovely king size with its lovely big huggable pillows and duvet and tried to go back to sleep. I tried and I tried and I tried…… And I failed dismally. So there I was lying in bed, listening to the world around me wake up.

The dawn chorus started and how lovely it was too…….. Then a couple of cats decided to have a spat……….. not quite so pleasant……………………. Then my neighbours dog joined in, so we had cats hissing and the dog barking, which woke up not one but two babies in the area.

Dawn chorus my eye, more like bloody dawn cacophony.

Suffice to say I never did get back to sleep!

Monday, 23 June 2008


Busy weekend - no surprise there..... Did cricket teas on Saturday, which I do enjoy despite the requirement for a level of physical effort I am not normally known for! Suffice to say copious amounts of fresh cream scones were prepared and consumed. Well I had to taste test them to make sure they were up to standard!

Then on to Sunday......... It was windy - anyone notice that??!! Consequently I decided to get stuck into the washing and subsequent ironing. I was at if for bloody hours - one load in the washing machine, one load on the line and one load being ironed. Talk about Chinese laundry. Anyway, whilst I had my nose to the grindstone, number 4 son was playing 10 pin bowling with his football chums before having lunch together and then their presentation....... Husband took him and they were gone a good few hours..... I wasn't looking my best when they came back - all that steam had made me go decidedly red in the face. Therefore, I was somewhat surprised to be greeted by a beaming husband followed by a beaming son. Well he soon showed me a large, heavy trophy he had won - Manager's Player of the Year. He was absolutely delighted - husband was pretty pleased too! Now number 4 is a happy go lucky little chap, plays his sport to the best of his ability, puts 100% in and will play in any position (including goalie, which I hate as he is forever diving at people's fee). Thus his manager decided that his all round contribution deserved some recognition. He was even presented with his trophy by Mick Mills (former England and Ipswich player). This did cause some consternation because my boys (large and small) are all yellow and green (Norwich City) and Ipswich are the sworn enemy....... I am led to believe it was the most brief of handshakes!

Ah, that's my boy!

Friday, 20 June 2008


I was reading my local newspaper on Tuesday when this letter leaped out at me under the title "No better role for a woman". It read as follows:

In years past, mothers in Norwich could walk with their children in car-free streets, or visit one of Norwich’s safe, well-kept beautiful parks. Mothers then were family minded, and didn’t feel compelled to go out to work. They had plenty to do in the home and most, I believe, were content. In today’s culture, not enough time is given by parents to caring for their young children. And this can hinder their development – worse still, see them become delinquents. Nothing reaches a child’s heart like a mother’s love. Some say there is no higher role for a woman than this, simply being a good mum and a wife. Our children are God’s gift to us, deserving of the highest good. Good things happen in a family united in love.
Well, do you know, being held responsible for all societies ills rather pissed me off so I composed a response which read:
"I write to take exception in the strongest possible terms to the criticism of working mothers. I am a working mother of five children, aged from 3 to 17. My children are cherished and the most important priority in my life.

I work, quite simply, to feed them, clothe them, provide them with a home and heat that home.

Virtually every available minute I am not at work I spend with my children, enjoying activities as a family.

His comment that by working I am impeding their development is as inflammatory as it is incorrect. I think he will find that the delinquents our society seems to be producing come from dysfunctional families with absent parents and those who choose to live on state benefits.

Perhaps he would like to come down from the isolated ivory tower he seems to be living in and have a taste of life in the real world where the rest of us are facing rising prices, increased mortgage interest rates and an increasingly uncertain economic future.
I felt alot better getting that off my chest. It was published yesterday though without the final paragraph (most have been too inflammatory) What do you guys think?

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Think the story of Carol Saldinack has made the nationals but for those of you who missed it, her story is something along the lines of…… Mother of 5……… overhears two of her sons bragging about beating a man up – badly……… She decides to report them to the police and they are subsequently jailed……… The case against them was very strong with CCTV, forensic evidence and witness accounts but obviously her evidence added weight to the prosecution’s case. She has now been disowned by her family…………….. Think those are the bare facts.

She was interviewed on our local news and is obviously having a tough time. She stands by her decision and rightly states that the responsibility for the plight of her sons rests firmly at their feet. They are responsible for their own actions.

Now those of you who have been visiting for a while will know that I am committed to social responsibility and applaud this lady’s decision. However, when I asked myself whether I could or would do the same thing in that situation I really couldn’t make up my mind. The thought of "betraying" one of my own fills me with dread and anxiety BUT then, if they had got into trouble then shouldn't they take responsibility for their actions....... What a dilemma

I like to think I have raised my boys to be decent members of our society. Number one son, who will turn 18 in a couple of months is at college, works part time and helps out at home. He’s been drunk a couple of times – yes underage but doesn’t go out every weekend getting trashed………… Think he’s on the way to being a top man……… Next son is 14 today (I know, I just don’t look old enough do I!!). He is doing very well at school and plays every sport going. The signs are, I believe, good. Too early to tell with the 11 year old and 9 year old but hopefully with the example of their brothers to follow they should be ok.


And it’s a big but, I bet that’s what Carol Saldinack thought when her boys were growing up. I will do what I can and keep everything crossed because it seems in this day and age, nothing is guaranteed.

I wish this brave lady all the very best for the future and hope that her family wake up and see sense and welcome her back very, very soon.

Friday, 23 May 2008


Well, I’m back……… Not sure where this post will take us so will just she how things develop………

Been a very strange time globally, we’ve had the typhoon in Burma and the earthquake in China. Each handled by their respective governments in such hugely different fashions.

Then back in good old Blighty, a seven year old girl has died of suspected starvation – STARVATION in this day and age.

Then our regional newspaper (I checked the circulation and it averages 65,000 daily), had a headline article detailing what a deprived county Norfolk is. Now, I know we have our problems with towns like Great Yarmouth, Thetford and Kings Lynn losing a lot of industry and experiencing a large influx of immigrants but for goodness sake, in the wide scheme of things we just need to realise how much we HAVE and not dwell on what we don’t.

I was recently watching the images of parents waiting, hoping and crying outside the ruins of countless schools in China (where don’t forget they ruthlessly enforce the single child policy) when the daughter strolled past in the midst of some game. I asked her to come to give mum a hug as she was feeling upset and she climbed on my lap, put her arms around my neck and squeezed. I may live in a deprived area but I am rich beyond measure.

On a lighter and much more superficial note (a heard that sigh of relief at the back!) I got both articles written (the ones about cricket and the garage conversion) and both have been published……….. The cricket season is upon us and the weather has been pretty pleasant, so the men in my life are all content. The daughter will be 3 on Sunday – where those 3 years have flown to I really don’t know……….

And finally, I am going through some work related issues, which I am hoping (praying and keeping everything crossed for) may result in some back pay, which will take us on our FIRST ever foreign family holiday…… Wish me luck…….

Couldn’t resist posting this photo of the minx, I took it Wednesday, which is my day off and as I have to dress her in practical nursery clothes every other day of the working week, I do like to get her dressed up. Thought she looked particularly adorable in this dress so took her outside for a few snaps and she obliged by posing in such a fashion so as to make Kate Moss look like a novice. I know I am biased but how cute is she!

Think that’s it. Talk soon!

Friday, 9 May 2008


Here I am, glowing somewhat but feeling really positive...... The daughter is people watching. Can't think where she gets that nosy streak from!

Monday, 5 May 2008


So yesterday was the day…. Duly arrived at the venue with number two son and the daughter and met up with my work colleagues, all in our matching bright pink t shirts. So far so good………..
Then I started to look around and every one of the thousands of participants had their personal messages on their back. It was all a bit much seeing such visible evidence of the number of lives this illness affects. Must have been feeling very sensitive yesterday as I started to cry and once the first tear fell, it opened the flood gates and very soon I was in a right state. I hastily pushed Evie to a quieter part of the ground to try and compose myself but by this time I was crying uncontrollably. I got my mobile out and rang my mum, thanking my lucky stars that I still could. Couldn’t talk at all initially and my poor mum was in a real panic wondering what was going on. Eventually I managed to stutter I was ok just very upset and we had a chat and I calmed down. Her parting comment was that I was just a very sensitive person and that was why I had been so affected. So back I went to my colleagues who were by now in the queue to the start line.

Well I did it, though rather than race for life, I pushed! Couldn’t bring myself to leave Miss Evie-D behind so along she came in her pink buggy and we power walked our way round. Saw several very poignant messages along the way – one lady was there in memory of her twin who had died from cancer, which really struck a chord as my mum is a surviving twin (although her twin brother died of a heart attack, aged only 51)……. Further on, a lady had a couple of names of people close to her she had lost to cancer and then her sign read “and me 10 days out of chemo”……. Well I didn’t really need anything to spur me on but that certainly gave me a kick up the bum to stop being such a sap and get on with it.

I had a colleague’s 13 year old daughter walk with me and she was lovely company. We didn’t talk much, just enjoyed having someone to swap the occasional comment with and the rest of the time, we walked in quiet companionship.

It took us an hour to walk round and probably the same to get out of the car park! My overwhelming feeling driving away was of being really empowered at participating in this enormous joint effort where every single person had their own story and every single person made a difference.
Photographic evidence exists, although whether they make it to here remains to be seen. My abundance of sensitivity is accompanied by an overly large dose of vanity and I need to see how fat and sweaty I look first!
Good to be back - I missed you........

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Where's My Mojo Gone????

Well my fabulous friends out there, I have lost my mojo and I don't know where to start looking for it, so I thought I would put the word out and see what my sagacious pals out in the blogosphere thought.
I currently have two newspaper articles to write - one for my cricket club and the developments there and the other about building work I had done on the house. Pretty dry subjects I agree but usually I am brimming with thoughts, ideas and plans.
I sit at my computer and nada, niet, nothing, in fact bugger all! Couldn't even think of something pithy to write a post about so decided to have a witter........
Life is plodding on here, the kids are back at school after the Easter break, number one son is back at college tomorrow so we are getting some structure back into our lives. I love and hate the holidays in equal measure. I love the fact that I am not nagging them constantly about homework, uniform and trying to find the black hole that has swallowed their sports kit this time, yet I need a bit of discipline in my life (steady on at the back) or I get very lackadaisical and basically grind to a halt.
On the other hand, work is great I have picked up some new clients, which means getting out and about and building new relationships and we are busy, busy, busy and I definitely perform better under pressure (now I've told you once, this is your final warning. Will the excitable ones at the back please behave!!!!).
Husband is busy with his football refereeing with the imminent end of season, there are lots of finals and rescheduled fixtures to try and fit in. Consequently he is hobbling round like an old man. Still, at least I know where he is for the most part anyway.
So my friends, I will away one more and try and find where the bloody hell I left my inspiration and will come back when I have something worth talking about!!!

Saturday, 29 March 2008


For those of you who are used to me waxing lyrical about my life and being all fluffy and positive, please feel free to look away now - major rant coming up....................

OK, there have been a couple of recent news items that have upset me, shocked me and made me question where our society is heading. The first was the case of the 2 year old boy who died from a methadone overdose, his 3 year old brother and 3 MONTH old brother were both found to have methadone in their system. The second was one I read about yesterday where a man had been to court after putting his 2 month old baby daughter in the microwave for 20 seconds. Fortunately she did survive.

Now, with my tribe I have come across most of the stresses and strains that parents encounter and have found myself pushed to the brink of complete meltdown - tiredness and total frustration usually being the culprits there. My solutions have been rather less extreme. I can vividly remember putting number one son in his buggy and pushing him to my mum's house and declaring that I needed an uninterupted cup of tea before I blew. His crime was to "decorate" my bathroom with my most expensive make up for the third time. I was a single parent at the time and money was more than tight so they were precious luxuries that I had no chance of replacing......... Of course, looking back the situation was all my fault as after it had happened for the first time I should have moved the bloody stuff but that is the marvellous advantage of hindsight.

Another situation was a crying baby, who seemed to have been crying forever. This time I put offending baby in his cot, shut the bedroom door, came downstairs, closed the door to the hall, went in the kitchen and closed the door - are you picking up the common theme here!!?? So with three doors between us I made myself a cup of tea, enjoyed it, then returned to find the source of my distress fast asleep. Little bugger!

The point I am trying to make is I know looking after babies and children can be a draining, onerous experience but how the hell can peope inflict such horrific cruelty on their own flesh and blood? It is totally beyond me and whenever i hear about such cases they haunt me. Where are the parents and neighbours in these situations??? My mum smacked me very occasionally (probably can count on one hand) and I know I wasn't a particularly easy child - bet that surprises you! Now I am a parent, she indulges my children at any given opportunity and would give me hell if I didn't look after her grandchildren properly.

As for neighbours, be NOSY!! There are so many ways of reporting concerns anonymously - wouldn't you rather get it wrong than be right and have done nothing. Having been in an abusive relationship before, I am so grateful to the neighbours who called the police on hearing me cries. One even marched over to my house and gave the source of my distress such a dressing down he stood there in total shock and she didn't even reach his shoulder!

OK, think I'm done........... Normal service will be resumed forthwith!

Thursday, 13 March 2008


The amazing Suzy over at Identity Crisis been writing about the harrowing upbringing she endured. It is heartbreaking stuff and I read it with trepidation, profound regret and also a deep feeling of gratitude that my childhood was so different.

This inspired me to give her another perspective........... I adore my daughter so decided to tell her how it should have been.

I became a mum for the first time in 1990 and my subsequent sons arrived in 1994, 1997 and 1998. I resumed my career in 2000 and life was sweet. Husband became unwell in 2004 and was initially diagnosed with gall stones....... He was duly admitted to have his gall bladder removed only to be told on the day of his operation that the specialist wasn't satisfied that the diagnosis was accurate. More tests followed and the next few months he was admitted to hospital as an emergency three times in total agony. He was finally diagnosed with Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction (SOD for short!!!) and was told a simple overnight procedure was all that was required to get him back on track. He was in hospital for almost a month, during which he spiked the highest temperature ever recorded on the critical care unit. I finally brought him home at the beginning of a lovely summer, during which he regained his health and strength.

September came and being a Libran brought my birthday. Imagine my surprise when my birthday drink tasted like ashes. YUK! It was disgusting....... Of course I was pregnant.

Now this really wasn't on the agenda and much soul searching and many tears followed. I was 39, loving my career, had 4 amazing sons and another child was an enormous undertaking....... Despite my history of miscarriage, this pregnancy was smooth as smooth. I had an amnio, primarily because of my advanced years and found out on December 21st 2004 that I was expecting a GIRL. Yes, a pink one. I was shocked, stunned, amazed and absolutely over-joyed. My boys are my world but I had always longed for a girl to dress in pink frills, play dolls with and enjoy that connection that my mum and I had always shared.

The fair lady Miss Evangeline Dolly Wiseman came into the world at 22.22 on 25.05.05 (for you football fans that was the night that Liverpool won the Champions League despite being 3-0 down).

It was love at first sight. I cried and cried when I first held her. Whilst waiting to be discharged I put husband to bed (well he had been up 24 hours), swaddled my girl and sat in a chair just watching her sleep. Something I still do to this day.

The way I feel about her is different to the boys. That doesn't mean I love them any less but it's like me and the girl have a shared secret that no-one else knows. I cannot bear to be parted from her for longer than is absolutely necessary. I avoid going out before she is in bed at all costs. For example, if friends are meeting for an early dinner, I will join them for sweet rather than miss those precious couple of hours I get with my girl.

As there is such an age gap between her and the boys, there is no sibling rivalry as they adore her as I do; to such an extent that I have to make them say no to her - they literally do let her get away with anything, be it dictating what they watch on the tv, what she plays with, where she sits and I could go on and on........

This girl will really test the theory that no child ever grew up suffering from being loved too much. You too Suzy should have had this and I am so sorry you didn't XXXXX

Sunday, 2 March 2008


This week has been a challenge to say the least.

I am really missing my mum (she’s been in New Zealand for the last two months). Work has been pretty full on and I am also trying to get some contractual issues settled. I spent half of my day off at a work-related seminar, which although informative, took me away from miss minx for far too long. And finally I have been decorating our bedroom. Now slapping emulsion onto four walls isn’t exactly the hardest job in the world but it is complicated in this particular room by a king sized bed, two bedside tables, a chest of drawers, a double wardrobe and two triple wardrobes. Now such are the constraints on space in this household that I had to move each piece of furniture, which meant emptying each wardrobe individually, moving it a couple of feet forward, wedging myself behind it and painting the space, letting it dry, pushing it back, putting all the contents back and onto the next obstacle.

Yesterday I had allocated for one triple wardrobe and one wall. Whilst going through the contents of my “summer wardrobe” my mind wandered back to my 21st birthday. Couldn’t tell you why but there you go. Now, I can’t reveal too many details as those involved are still alive but suffice to say it was well celebrated! A couple of days later I was in the pub feeling distinctly like a popped balloon and enjoying a particularly acute bout of anti-climax, when a friend’s fella popped up with an absolute gem of wisdom……… He opined that without the lows of that particular evening, the highs of my birthday would have been meaningless. It has stayed with me all these years. And those chuckling at the precise number of years can bugger off! And I must reiterate that it was a man who produced this pearl of incitefulness…….

So I soldiered on, completed my allotted wardrobe and wall and feeling inspired, I tackled the last wardrobe and wall, hung the new curtains and made the bed with the new bedding. It looks lush! Chocolate and aqua if you’re interested……

So I got into bed last night a bit weary but definitely enjoying a warm glow of satisfaction.

I woke this morning to the sound of the daughter climbing the stairs telling her brothers to “shush” at the top of her voice. Next I was assaulted by a volley of cards, chocolates and cuddles. It’s Mother’s Day, life is good and my cherished sense of contentment is restored. It’s the most precious asset I have and I value it highly.

Hope all you other mothers out there had a good day, husband even took me shopping voluntarily. Perfect!

Monday, 25 February 2008


Has anyone used the "next blog" button at the top of the page? I had a few clicks and there are some seriously strange blogs out there..........

I am near one about reptiles.................

Who are your "neighbours"???????????

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Several years ago, in light of the tragic chain of events that led to the death of Jamie Bulger, I made a conscious decision that if ever I saw something that bothered my instincts I would say something. Over the intervening years a handful of instances have occurred where I have been compelled to act on this. For example, when on the way home from a night out with friends I saw a young child sitting by the roadside. This was at midnight and he was only about 8 years old...... I duly stopped, tried to reassure him and found out that he lived reasonably locally and had had a row with his mum and run off. We chatted for a couple of minutes and then he let me walk him home. One relieved mum and one boy safely indoors and off I went home.

Another time, I drove past my mum’s house to see a young man on a motorbike parked in her driveway......... This was definitely unusual so I did a couple of laps and he still sat there. Worrying he was casing the joint; I plucked up the courage to approach him to ask if everything was ok.................. It was not..................... It transpired that the young man had been sideswiped by a lorry turning right and was in so much pain he couldn’t move.... Ambulance and parents were summonsed and off he went to get his broken leg fixed...........

Now, last week was half term and I took oldest and youngest to the city to do a bit of shopping. We met with my lovely friend, Gingerwitch as she is known in the blogosphere and had a coffee and cake in John Lewis. Next to us were two ladies who looked to me like mother and daughter. We’d been there about 20 minutes, chatting and enjoying our cakes when it became apparent that the younger lady was very upset and crying. It all felt very strange and awkward. Daughter was being particularly enchanting – giggling, smiling, dancing about, which made the contrast to what was going on at the next table all the more acute........

So we finished our drinks and prepared to leave. I asked number 1 son to push his sister’s buggy and hovered. Then I leant over and said, I didn’t want to intrude and that I could see how upset she was and that she looked a lovely young lady and I hoped that whatever was causing her such distress would soon be resolved... At this point, both mother and daughter started crying..........

Was this the time I should have said nothing at all????

Thursday, 14 February 2008


Oh my god I so need to get out more! The lovely Kaycie over at the now private "Lost in the Bible Belt" told me all about stat counters and the information they provide......

Being a nosey bugger, I had to install it and have spent several happy hours clicking this button or that option, merrily looking at information or statistics that to be totally honest meant absolutely nothing.....

What I did found out is that I have loads of visitors who just swing by, have a read and slip away again. Please say hi next time so I can return the favour..... It would be lovely to know who is behind all these snippets of information I am suddenly party to.

One very interesting piece of information was that I have a reader apparently in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Nigeria by the looks of things, who reads me alot. I wonder who you are...................

Saturday, 9 February 2008


How lovely, I've been awarded by first blogging award from my new friend, Maggie May........ Am currently trying to 1) Upload it to my blog and 2) pass it on to some of my favourite blogs........

Tried and failed last night to sort this out and in the light of day I have still not figured it out. Bugger, bugger, bugger this is sooooooooooo frustrating!

I will persevere though - I refuse to be beaten by a bloody computer, after all, I am the matriach of the BBC Breakfast Technology Family. Feels like the joke is on me at the minute!!!!!

If anyone feels like holding my hand through this, please feel free.



It was all in the right click!!!! Awards (yes, now plural) have been collected and proudly displayed. Thank you Maggie May and Kaycie...... Now to pass them on, decisions, decisions, decisions...........

Wednesday, 6 February 2008


Oh dear, I think I have got myself in trouble. Got sent an email on Monday about the girls from work entering the Race For Life. Sounds a good idea, worthy cause, 5km..... how hard can it be???
Big mistake.
I am at least 3 stone overweight, a former smoker and have done no real exercise for what, 15 years.
Time to panic.......
So husband and I have just been out for a "jog". I use the term extremely loosely. We ran/walked around the block for 10 minutes and by the time we got back I had lost all capacity to breathe and my legs had totally turned to jelly. Am typing this some ten minutes after returning and have just about stopped coughing and normal service has been resumed in the legs.......
What have I let myself in for????
We are going againg Friday, taking the same course to try and up my walk/run ratio.
To quote from The Commitments, one of my favourite films, "it's a start and I'm a great believer in starts"......
Wish me and my lungs luck.

Tuesday, 5 February 2008


Kaycie, you've gone private and I didn't get an invite. I could take it personally you know.............

Thursday, 31 January 2008


Well I am sitting here at work absolutely fuming. Just heard on the radio that David Beckham, that god-like master of the football pitch has been excluded from the squad to play the upcoming FRIENDLY international, thus denying him his 100th cap.
To say I am rather disgusted with that arrogant twat of a manager the FA have brought in would be a fair understatement.
It's not like England have any major championships to worry about in the near future, so would it have killed that man (can't even bring myself to type his name) to let the beautiful Beckham play for a half and secure his 100th cap.
Husband tells me I don't understand, well sod off husband and bring back Beckham!
Yours a very pissed off MMOF!

Monday, 28 January 2008

Photographic Evidence

And here's the proof that indeed I did win the award.

Not the most flattering of pictures but at least it marks the occasion......

Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Hi there everybody. What a momentous weekend!
The company I work for is part of a large national group and they had a presentation evening to celebrate their golden anniversary - 50 years of being in business. To mark the occasion they decided to hold a dinner dance/presentation evening in Kent, where our head office is.
We had discussed going as a team several months ago and at the time I was looking forward to it. As the weekend drew nearer and the reality of being separated from my tribe became all the more imminent, my anticipation turned to dread. I had never been apart from the daughter for a night and I wasn't keen to change that fact.
Oh well, I was commited to go so duly packed and said my goodbyes. The journey was pretty awful - roadworks held us up just half an hour down the road and heavy rain accompanied us for most of the journey. Well eventually we arrived to a rather nice 4 star hotel, which perked me up. A couple of drinks and a snack and I was feeling better so we trotted off to get ready as the function was due to start at 5 - yes 5. Bloody silly time if you ask me but there you go. Obviously it was a fairly extravagent event so out came the full length black silk number and as "something golden" was the order of the day I bought myself some seriously lush gold shoes in the sales and finished the ensemble off with a gold clutch bag.
The first hour consisted of a fair amount of waffle and company self aggrandisement...... And then the awards started. Well such was my bad humour at being separated from the five who made me manic that I had forgotten all about these......
My MD and I had put several nominations in and were gratified to win one award and be highly commended in two. Then came the award for Best Temp Consultant, 2 names were read out and then mine................ and the winner is ME! Well I was surprised and delighted in equal measure. We have 80 plus branches and a turnover in excess of £60 million to give you have some idea of the standard of consultants I was being compared to. Big smiles and photos with the group chairman followed.
Then we ate - crap meal, terribly slow service. The disco was the generic one who did your auntie's wedding. He even played YMCA. Dead on 12 the music stopped and my room mate and I were pleased to trot off to bed. It had been a long drawn out affair, even if my award is pretty!
Next morning we had a lovely breakfast and were on the road by 9.30. Our driver was still feeling somewhat delicate shall we say so I got to drive us home. Door to door in 3 hours - that'll do me.
Daughter was in bed and the boys just about managed to acknowledge my arrival - nice to know I was missed!

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Me and Johnny Depp

Had the ultimate indulgence last night - a bath with Johnny Depp. Now before Vanessa gets all green eyed monster on me, perhaps I'd better explain in more detail.
Felt like a soak in the bath last night, which is unusual in itself as I am generally a power shower girl..... Got some posh smellies for Christmas to put some of those in and then realised I didn't have anything to read....
Now I recently borrowed my mum's portable DVD so I decided to watch a film. Extension cables were located and I carefully got everything sorted so as to avoid electrocuting myself (mind you what a way to go - I can see the headlines now - "woman electrocuted in the bath with Johnny Depp") I digress.....
Decided to watch one of my favourites -Benny and Joon, a real romance with a twist. Well I settled down, had a lovely soak and got to watch Johnny completely undisturbed.
Now that's my idea of heaven!

Monday, 14 January 2008

Who Do You Think You Are????

Inspired by Mother’s Pride, I thought I would write a post about my tribe:

Number One Son

Aged 17, at college part time, works for his mum when not at college. My rock. He has been through some awful times with me and consequently we are very, very close. Currently learning to drive, although a fractured hand has curtailed this particular frighteningly expensive pastime for the last month. Practical, dependable, handsome, strong as an ox with a fabulous work ethic. Will make someone a lovely husband.

Number Two Son

Age 13, at high school. Got employment the week he turned 13 and always doing deals - a budding entrepreneur methinks. Blonde, beautiful, bright and sporty, he really got more than his fair share of talents. Closest of my boys to his sister and I could cry watching him with her – they share a rare connection that I believe will last forever – or at least till she becomes a teenager! Tall and skinny, I spend my life trying to find him school trousers that will stay up!

Number Three Son

Age 10, at junior school. My special needs boy – dyspraxic, with moderate learning disabilities. Finds this world of ours hard going at times. He is kind and caring yet has his father’s explosive temper. Has the longest, blackest eyelashes I have ever seen. Not that I am jealous of course! An expert on the world of fantasy, be it Star Wars, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings or Doctor Who. It worries me that he finds these worlds nicer places to be. Always nestling in for a cuddle. Lovely!

Number Four Son

Aged 9, at junior school with number three. The joker of the bunch, with an irrepressible, sunny nature. Loves laughing, football and his dad in equal measure. Solid as a rock. Potentially drop dead gorgeous, though I feel he may have to watch his weight. Has inherited his dad’s humour and my confidence in abundance - a potent mix. Popular, lazy, will only achieve when it’s on his terms and he decides he wants to, yet his teacher loves him!

The Daughter

Aged 2½. Where to start….. I waited far too long for this pink one of mine and have to be very firm with myself to ensure I don’t ruin her totally. This one is a total minx. Adored by her brothers, she is utterly used to getting her own way – I am currently teaching them all to say NO to her – it’s not easy!! She is a cheery little soul and loves her dolls and books. Put any music on and she will dance without prompting. So long as she doesn’t find a pole, we’ll be ok. Petite, has my fine, kinky infuriating hair poor love… The apple of my eye, what more can I say……

The Husband

Five years younger than me, drop dead gorgeous – 6’2”, the blackest hair I have ever seen (ok with a few greys these days that he holds me entirely responsible for), blue eyes. Conscientious, organised, outspoken and excruciatingly blunt at times. Sporty, funny, good company. Devoted to his kids and me (well most of the time). Bright but unambitious. Ying to my yang in so many ways but watch out when we clash!

Then there’s me – I will leave it to you all to make up your own minds there………..

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Hell's Fire

Hi all

I'm back after the festive period. Didn't post much - only had the statutory holidays off, so was running around like the proverbial blue-arsed insect......... We got a Wii from Father Christmas so consequently all my tribe and yes, the husband are nursing various Wii inflicted injuries. I understand that Wii shoulder is actually a recognised medical condition these days!

My mum has deserted me for warmer climes (New Zealand) until March and besides leaving me with the emergency contact list, emergency funds (yes, despite being 42, my mother still insists on leaving me a "just in case fund" when we are apart) and instructions on looking after her house, I was also handed her pre-paid tokens for the Daily Telegraph. Now we don't take a national paper in our house, both working and living in the same town, we prefer to have our local paper - how insular does that sound!

So today husband enjoyed perusing their excellent sports coverage, I tackled both the short and cryptic crosswords (I'll tell you how I got on tomorrow!!!) and also glanced through the actual news.

One story on the front page really got me thinking. The headline reads "Cremations to keep mourners warm" and the basics of the story are plans by crematorium near Manchester to use the heat from the cremations to generate power for the boiler. Now my first reaction was bloody hell that's dodgy....... And then I thought I rather liked the idea. I may have my rose tinted spectacles on but I thought that at my cremation (and I DEFINITELY want to be burned) my send off would provide the warmth for my grieving (well I bloody hope so!) loved ones.

Perhaps I have over simplied matters but that was the conclusion I came to.......