Monday, 30 June 2008


The daughter has been struggling with her sleep just recently – it’s been hot and clammy at night, plus lovely and bright by 5am, hence she’s been very restless.

Saturday morning she woke whilst her daddy was getting ready for work and was raring to go. Her mummy wasn’t! Obviously she needed watching when the husband left for work so I brought her into bed for a cuddle and quick chat. It was quite apparent that she was still tired so after a little “persuasion” she went back to bed.

I climbed back into my lovely king size with its lovely big huggable pillows and duvet and tried to go back to sleep. I tried and I tried and I tried…… And I failed dismally. So there I was lying in bed, listening to the world around me wake up.

The dawn chorus started and how lovely it was too…….. Then a couple of cats decided to have a spat……….. not quite so pleasant……………………. Then my neighbours dog joined in, so we had cats hissing and the dog barking, which woke up not one but two babies in the area.

Dawn chorus my eye, more like bloody dawn cacophony.

Suffice to say I never did get back to sleep!

Monday, 23 June 2008


Busy weekend - no surprise there..... Did cricket teas on Saturday, which I do enjoy despite the requirement for a level of physical effort I am not normally known for! Suffice to say copious amounts of fresh cream scones were prepared and consumed. Well I had to taste test them to make sure they were up to standard!

Then on to Sunday......... It was windy - anyone notice that??!! Consequently I decided to get stuck into the washing and subsequent ironing. I was at if for bloody hours - one load in the washing machine, one load on the line and one load being ironed. Talk about Chinese laundry. Anyway, whilst I had my nose to the grindstone, number 4 son was playing 10 pin bowling with his football chums before having lunch together and then their presentation....... Husband took him and they were gone a good few hours..... I wasn't looking my best when they came back - all that steam had made me go decidedly red in the face. Therefore, I was somewhat surprised to be greeted by a beaming husband followed by a beaming son. Well he soon showed me a large, heavy trophy he had won - Manager's Player of the Year. He was absolutely delighted - husband was pretty pleased too! Now number 4 is a happy go lucky little chap, plays his sport to the best of his ability, puts 100% in and will play in any position (including goalie, which I hate as he is forever diving at people's fee). Thus his manager decided that his all round contribution deserved some recognition. He was even presented with his trophy by Mick Mills (former England and Ipswich player). This did cause some consternation because my boys (large and small) are all yellow and green (Norwich City) and Ipswich are the sworn enemy....... I am led to believe it was the most brief of handshakes!

Ah, that's my boy!

Friday, 20 June 2008


I was reading my local newspaper on Tuesday when this letter leaped out at me under the title "No better role for a woman". It read as follows:

In years past, mothers in Norwich could walk with their children in car-free streets, or visit one of Norwich’s safe, well-kept beautiful parks. Mothers then were family minded, and didn’t feel compelled to go out to work. They had plenty to do in the home and most, I believe, were content. In today’s culture, not enough time is given by parents to caring for their young children. And this can hinder their development – worse still, see them become delinquents. Nothing reaches a child’s heart like a mother’s love. Some say there is no higher role for a woman than this, simply being a good mum and a wife. Our children are God’s gift to us, deserving of the highest good. Good things happen in a family united in love.
Well, do you know, being held responsible for all societies ills rather pissed me off so I composed a response which read:
"I write to take exception in the strongest possible terms to the criticism of working mothers. I am a working mother of five children, aged from 3 to 17. My children are cherished and the most important priority in my life.

I work, quite simply, to feed them, clothe them, provide them with a home and heat that home.

Virtually every available minute I am not at work I spend with my children, enjoying activities as a family.

His comment that by working I am impeding their development is as inflammatory as it is incorrect. I think he will find that the delinquents our society seems to be producing come from dysfunctional families with absent parents and those who choose to live on state benefits.

Perhaps he would like to come down from the isolated ivory tower he seems to be living in and have a taste of life in the real world where the rest of us are facing rising prices, increased mortgage interest rates and an increasingly uncertain economic future.
I felt alot better getting that off my chest. It was published yesterday though without the final paragraph (most have been too inflammatory) What do you guys think?

Wednesday, 4 June 2008


Think the story of Carol Saldinack has made the nationals but for those of you who missed it, her story is something along the lines of…… Mother of 5……… overhears two of her sons bragging about beating a man up – badly……… She decides to report them to the police and they are subsequently jailed……… The case against them was very strong with CCTV, forensic evidence and witness accounts but obviously her evidence added weight to the prosecution’s case. She has now been disowned by her family…………….. Think those are the bare facts.

She was interviewed on our local news and is obviously having a tough time. She stands by her decision and rightly states that the responsibility for the plight of her sons rests firmly at their feet. They are responsible for their own actions.

Now those of you who have been visiting for a while will know that I am committed to social responsibility and applaud this lady’s decision. However, when I asked myself whether I could or would do the same thing in that situation I really couldn’t make up my mind. The thought of "betraying" one of my own fills me with dread and anxiety BUT then, if they had got into trouble then shouldn't they take responsibility for their actions....... What a dilemma

I like to think I have raised my boys to be decent members of our society. Number one son, who will turn 18 in a couple of months is at college, works part time and helps out at home. He’s been drunk a couple of times – yes underage but doesn’t go out every weekend getting trashed………… Think he’s on the way to being a top man……… Next son is 14 today (I know, I just don’t look old enough do I!!). He is doing very well at school and plays every sport going. The signs are, I believe, good. Too early to tell with the 11 year old and 9 year old but hopefully with the example of their brothers to follow they should be ok.


And it’s a big but, I bet that’s what Carol Saldinack thought when her boys were growing up. I will do what I can and keep everything crossed because it seems in this day and age, nothing is guaranteed.

I wish this brave lady all the very best for the future and hope that her family wake up and see sense and welcome her back very, very soon.