Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Big sighs of relief in our household. Saturday brought promotion for the cricket team husband plays for. They certainly had to work for it after being bowled out frighteningly cheaply but stuck together and won convincingly. Perhaps I don't need to say add that this victory was well celebrated!
Sunday also brought more success to the cricket club with the under 17's winning through to the final of our county cup. Number 1 son plays for this side, so again, much celebrating.
Yesterday, back to work for a detox!

Friday, 24 August 2007


Ok everyone, crucial weekend in our household - the cricket team husband plays for are praying for decent weather tomorrow so they can play their final game of the season and, hopefully, gain promotion. Its been pretty tense round here for the last couple of weeks on Saturdays......... You try telling husband and my boys that its "only a game"!!

Given that its a Bank Holiday Weekend, we are not particularly optimistic that the gods will smile on us and grant some sunshine but hey, you never know. That said, if it pours with rain and no cricket is played anywhere, they are guaranteed promotion......... Perhaps I should be doing a rain dance after all - would save what I am certain is going to be a highly stressful afternoon. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, 21 August 2007


Yippee!!!! Have uploaded my first picture. Its of me and husband at a friend's wedding this Easter - yes that was when we had our summer and the weather was lovely.... Now I know what to do, I will add some of the five offspring who have inspired this blog. Watch this space!

Monday, 20 August 2007


Its no good, I can't resist temptation any more, I am typing this at WORK!! Have so far disciplined myself to rant from home but today has got the better of me.

It has rained all bloody day and my four sons are on the verge of commiting fratricide and I just don't know what to do with them! Generally when they are like that and I am around, I get them doing "jobs" and they moan about that rather than about each other. Tried that approach via the telephone - stern words over speakerphone but they resumed pummelling each other as soon as I had hung up.

Bloody, bloody hooligans...... Being an only child, I have no idea if this behaviour is "normal". Can anyone out there shed any light?????

Friday, 17 August 2007

What a difference a day makes................

Well husband decided to remove his head from the orifice in which it had been lodged, so peace reigns, well temporarily anyway.

Have a ridiculously manic weekend ahead......... Today is number 1 son's 17th birthday, so beware drivers in Norfolk. He is chomping at the bit to get behind a wheel. This evening husband and number 2 son will be at cricket coaching. Tomorrow morning number 4 son will be at cricket coaching and husband playing in the afternoon (promotion is looming - more on that as and when). Whilst husband is playing cricket, I will be at NCFC with work clients (that sounds sooooo dodgy but isn't I promise), which means I will be needing help with the youngest of the tribe. Sorry mum for whatever havoc she reeks.....

Saturday evening we have an engagement party to go to - a triumph of optimism over good sense if ever there was one. Plus, a friend's band is playing locally so would like to see them too at some point.

Sunday we are filming with the BBC................... More on that another time.

Monday, back to work for a rest!

What's everyone else up to?

Thursday, 16 August 2007


Whilst watching BBC Breakfast this morning, it was announced that men between 35 and 43 are at their most miserable between those ages. That explains ALOT! Husband is being a real pain in the arse at the moment and I am finding it really hard going.

Like to consider myself a glass half full kind of person. Am fortunate to have a job I really enjoy and five fab children who can send me totally insane but who, for the most part are a complete joy.

Why can't men enjoy the moment????? I seem to spend so much of my time urging husband to look on the bright side and that things could be so much worse...... Yes, others may have more materialistic success - good on 'em but whilst we may be pound poor, we are rich in so many other ways. Sorry if that sounds totally sick-making but I honestly do believe that life should be embraced and enjoyed.

God this blog writing is a cathartic process........ I have been inspired by Knifepainter and Swearing Mother to start one and goodness, its like having a modern day secret diary.....

Time to go - one of the brood is demanding my attention - number 2 son can't find something...... another issue I have with men!