Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Post Holiday Blues

Hmmmm. Have just come back from a week in sunny Spain with 3 of my 5 children. Stayed with my first ex mother in law. Now that's got to be a modern day phenomenon! Was my first foreign holiday for 19 years and very nice it was too. Husband insisted I came back with white bits rather than the all over roasting I intended, so did as I was told and have white marks in some extremely strange places. I guess I have gravity to thank for that.

Can't complain about the travel - both flights were on time and security was tight but efficient.

Rode a camel for the first time. That's one more think ticked off the "must do before I die" list.

Daughter tolerated the factor 50 sun cream but wouldn't entertain the all enclosing sun suit so paraded along the Med in her birthday suit. Oh well, I have plenty of blackmail pictures for when the first boyfriend comes round!