Tuesday, 18 December 2007


Like so many people at this time of year, life gets scarily busy but rather than the usual round of panic, disillusionment and shear exhaustion that affects so many this time of year, my thoughts turned elsewhere.

Saturday afternoon, the daughter had her nursery Christmas party, which all the family were invited to. The tradition is that everyone brings some food and so I found myself in the kitchen making eggie sandwiches.

The installation of a new kitchen has awakened a long dormant enthusiasm for matters culinary, particularly baking. Number 2 son (chief dish washer) has put his CD player in there so with daughter asleep and sons all doing their own thing, I put on a long forgotten disc and got going.

As I spend most of my summers making sandwiches for the cricket club, this isn’t exactly an onerous task and took under an hour but as I listened (and spread), I mused to myself what an effect music has had on me and my life.

We listen to the radio at work and colleagues often look at me in amazement when I chirp up with the artist, title and often the year it was a hit. I don’t know why I retain this information so readily but I have always loved my music with a passion. Milestones in my life are inextricably linked to the music of that time:-

1978 - Grease. Second year at high school. Spent acting out scenes from the film with friends on the tennis courts surrounding our classroom. On my god, what an admission. I was Rizzo – bet that came as a surprise – NOT!

1982 – ABC and their debit album The Lexicon of Love. Details are far too embarrassing to reveal – even on here but suffice to say it was a significant event in my life!

1987 – Evangeline – The Icicle Works. Dancing to this with pure joy. I waited a long time for a daughter so I could call her after my favourite song. I still play this as loud as the neighbours will tolerate whenever I need to put a smile back on my face.

1991 –,Everything I do - Bryan Adams. Bittersweet memories – the end of my first marriage.

1994 Love Is All Around – Wet, Wet, Wet. The birth of my second son. “you know I love you I always will” what else is there to say………

I could go on and on, describing events and the songs that are inextricably linked to them.

Music can make me laugh, cry, dance like a lunatic or relax after the most stressful of days……………..

My sons and I had a lovely time watching Miss Evie-D have a total ball dancing in the middle of the dance floor, hands in the air "giving it large". Can't for the life of me think where she gets it from!!


Kaycie said...

I'm like that about music as well. Nothing else can bring me out of a funk quite so easily.

Self employed mum said...

Hi Kathryn

Music cures me of bad moods, makes me happy, makes the house work a pleasure, well maybe not but you know what I mean and like you I remember things that happened with music. I love the vision of Miss Evie 'giving it laldy' as we would say in Glesga on the dance floor.

Love is all around by Wet Wet Wet was my 2nd dance at my wedding in 1996, Endless love was my 1st and for a laugh we had Think Twice by Celine Dion as the 3rd!!

And my favourite all time song is Disco 2000 by Pulp (I think, I'm having a mind blank, but that's nothing unusual) which played throughout my first pregnancy also in 1996. And the best bit - sing it with me ....... 'would you like to come and meet me, maybe, you can even bring your baby ooooohhhhhooooo' this being pregnant just meant so much, clearly a hormone issue.

Pregnant 10 weeks after marrying - in case you were wondering. Why wait?

Nicola xx

Swearing Mother said...

I always do my housework to Filthy Gorgeous by the Scissor Sisters, if you've got to do, do it large I say!

Tina said...

Music is SO important. I sing in the shower all the time. Occasionally I threaten my son that I'm going to audition for the X-Factor, usually around the time they're showing the worst auditions...

Swearing Mother said...

Merry Christmas, MMOF. Am a bit late, but better late than never.

Hope you're having a good one.


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Swearing Mother said...

Happy New Year MMOF!

Swearing Mother said...

The rest of that message was supposed to say - hope you have a good one.

Pissed again.

ginger witch said...

Blimey, that brings back a few meories for me too, even the poster we made of the Grease film with Frenchy spelt without the H!!! And that's with a grammar school education!
Glad to say I have passed my love of music onto my daughters, as well as the ability to remember lyrics. Got the biggest one her first CD player for Christmas and she already sings along to the whole of High School Musical 2.Smaller one if more descerning . . .she likes the Stone Roses, not back for a 4-year-old.

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Hey Kaycie - you just can't beat it can you.

Hi Nicola - you have very good taste in music and as for your first born's conception well I have done that every which way - married before being pregnant, married whilst pregnant and married to someone else whilst being pregnant by someone else. I have such a past!

Swearing Mother - I knew you would rock.....

Tina - how about a duet - bet we could come up with something suitable - how about Gonna Wash that Man Right Outta My hair for a start!!

Ginger Witch well that grammar school education we had was certainly put to good use!

the mother of this lot said...

Hey - I was Rizzo as well!

She's like the wind said...

Hi, can I ask you to change my name on your links to the new above one, you'll see why on my blog.

Cheers selfemployedmum xx