Thursday, 24 July 2008


I have been working full time recently as my colleague (and Manager) is on paternity leave. Consequently life has been pretty busy. Add to that mix our biggest client having a peak in production and I have been in danger of meeting myself coming back.
Then today, the most random of experience. My mobile rang at work (fortunately we con;t have any draconian nonsense about personal calls, just some good old old fashioned common sense, i/e/ don't take the piss!). So I duly answered the call and found myself talking to a BBC Breakfast Producer (remember my previous incarnation as part of their technology family??).
Anyway, it transpires that there is a campaign to raise awareness about the legal implications of leaving children aged under 16 home on their own.
Obviously, as a serial mother, they thought I may have an opinion on the matter. I mean, me express an opinion - have I ever????!!!!
I am writing this long-hand in my trusty notepad ready to transcribe once I get near a PC - one that works I might add as the home PC is currently dreadfully poorly thanks to the efforts of number one son.
Just realised I am not wearing any earrings. Curses! The ignominy of appearing on live national television without any earrings....... Will I ever live it down????
(Written on the train to Liverpool St 10th July 2008)


Kaycie said...

That's pretty cool. So, tell us, what do you think about leaving children under age 16 home alone?

GoneBackSouth said...

I think if you have 5 children and work full time, you are given a special "may forget earrings occasionally without any reprimand" coupon. So don't worry.

Suzysoo said...

As a 16-year-old I always used to be delighted when my mum left the house. The neighbours weren't too chuffed though cos I would then crank the stereo right up!

My lot probably do the same.

Btw award for you at mine.

Swearing Mother said...

I guess I'd leave them on their own for a short time at 14, but after that they'd have had a wild party when I was out and got steaming drunk.

Come to think of it, think they did that anyway.

Retiredandcrazy said...

Wow, I'm in the company of a major TV star. Respect.

Suzy said...

You are getting to be as famous as your boy Beckman!!!



Frog in the Field said...

A call from the Beeb on your mobile?
That's very earrings? pfft shape up, I mean for goodness sake, only five children and a full time job?
Tell me, do you spin round awfully fast, fling your handbag as you twirl, and suddenly burst out of your clothes wearing a blue satin bodice, matching boots and tiara?

knifepainter said...

Saw you on the telly !!!!!

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Ah missed you but I did see you as part of the technology stuff you did!

I am sure you scrubbed up well, sans earrings and did yourself proud anyway.