Thursday, 24 July 2008


I have been working full time recently as my colleague (and Manager) is on paternity leave. Consequently life has been pretty busy. Add to that mix our biggest client having a peak in production and I have been in danger of meeting myself coming back.
Then today, the most random of experience. My mobile rang at work (fortunately we con;t have any draconian nonsense about personal calls, just some good old old fashioned common sense, i/e/ don't take the piss!). So I duly answered the call and found myself talking to a BBC Breakfast Producer (remember my previous incarnation as part of their technology family??).
Anyway, it transpires that there is a campaign to raise awareness about the legal implications of leaving children aged under 16 home on their own.
Obviously, as a serial mother, they thought I may have an opinion on the matter. I mean, me express an opinion - have I ever????!!!!
I am writing this long-hand in my trusty notepad ready to transcribe once I get near a PC - one that works I might add as the home PC is currently dreadfully poorly thanks to the efforts of number one son.
Just realised I am not wearing any earrings. Curses! The ignominy of appearing on live national television without any earrings....... Will I ever live it down????
(Written on the train to Liverpool St 10th July 2008)

Thursday, 17 July 2008


Just watched it at the cinema............ Should be compulsory viewing for ladies of a certain age.

A real tonic and highly recommended.

Book your tickets now!


This question will annoy you all and I know I will receive several conflicting answers............
Is it possible to get chicken pox more than once??????????????
I will tell you what is riding on the consensus soon...........................