Friday, 24 August 2007


Ok everyone, crucial weekend in our household - the cricket team husband plays for are praying for decent weather tomorrow so they can play their final game of the season and, hopefully, gain promotion. Its been pretty tense round here for the last couple of weeks on Saturdays......... You try telling husband and my boys that its "only a game"!!

Given that its a Bank Holiday Weekend, we are not particularly optimistic that the gods will smile on us and grant some sunshine but hey, you never know. That said, if it pours with rain and no cricket is played anywhere, they are guaranteed promotion......... Perhaps I should be doing a rain dance after all - would save what I am certain is going to be a highly stressful afternoon. Wish us luck!


Self employed mum said...

Just dropped by via swearing mothers blog. 5 children OMG, I thought my live was hectic with 2, I take my hat off to anyone with more than 3!
Nice photo, I haven't managed the time to put on photos yet!

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Hi Self Employed Mum..... I remember when I had number 2 son and wondering if I would ever be dressed before lunch again. I maintain that getting used to juggling the needs of 2 little people is the hardest bit. After you learn to juggle, 3, 4 and much later 5 is fine..... Thanks for popping by. Come back soon.