Wednesday, 29 August 2007


Big sighs of relief in our household. Saturday brought promotion for the cricket team husband plays for. They certainly had to work for it after being bowled out frighteningly cheaply but stuck together and won convincingly. Perhaps I don't need to say add that this victory was well celebrated!
Sunday also brought more success to the cricket club with the under 17's winning through to the final of our county cup. Number 1 son plays for this side, so again, much celebrating.
Yesterday, back to work for a detox!


Self employed mum said...

Don't know much about cricket, in fact I know nothing! But sounds like it was exciting and well celebrated.

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Hey there S/E Mum. I was brought up around the game so they got me early but I have to say I'm a fan. Its a game where the outcome can seem all but a foregone conclusion and then a couple of wickets or a flurry of runs and everything changes. Thanks for stopping by again.

ginger witch said...

Thought rounders might be more your thing, don't forget I have seen you in your PE kit many a time