Thursday, 16 August 2007


Whilst watching BBC Breakfast this morning, it was announced that men between 35 and 43 are at their most miserable between those ages. That explains ALOT! Husband is being a real pain in the arse at the moment and I am finding it really hard going.

Like to consider myself a glass half full kind of person. Am fortunate to have a job I really enjoy and five fab children who can send me totally insane but who, for the most part are a complete joy.

Why can't men enjoy the moment????? I seem to spend so much of my time urging husband to look on the bright side and that things could be so much worse...... Yes, others may have more materialistic success - good on 'em but whilst we may be pound poor, we are rich in so many other ways. Sorry if that sounds totally sick-making but I honestly do believe that life should be embraced and enjoyed.

God this blog writing is a cathartic process........ I have been inspired by Knifepainter and Swearing Mother to start one and goodness, its like having a modern day secret diary.....

Time to go - one of the brood is demanding my attention - number 2 son can't find something...... another issue I have with men!


Swearing Mother said...

The trouble is, MMOF, that men go through a sort of "Victor Meldrew" phase as they get older, and it's a particularly unattractive one to be honest. Although my husband is truly lovely and has a fantastically sparkling personality, he can be a right Victor at times. I just ignore him until he gets better, or ask him if it's the wrong time of the month or something. That usually livens things up!

Glad you're enjoying blogging, it's great to "let it all hang out" isn't it?

ginger witch said...

God god, you mean mine is going to get WORSE, he's only 32. And the winter is approaching which he hates as it means less time out in the garden and wakling the dog. Still a newly-repaired woodburner kept him a bit happier last year . . .man make fire and all that!

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Golf seems to keep mine sane over the winter months. Not sure what hitting little ball with big stick says about him!

beachfreak said...

Gingerwitch you are a cheeky disrespectful mare. The simple reason us lot get a bit narked sometimes is purely down to the pressure under which modern womanhood puts us. All that burning bra bollocks made you lot think you could stop cooking, stop cleaning and leave us to make the tea in the morning.

Grumpy? I should bloody think so.

And for everyone's information, the Witch is 41 years old.


Manic Mother Of Five said...

Beachfreak that's not very gentlemanly. You've only been married 5 minutes and the gloves are well and truely off. You know she has a point, you men can be bloody hard work at times. Of course you are worth it but it can be somewhat trying at times. xx

beachfreak said...

She loves it when I talk like that. Gives her an excuse to take the mickey out of me.

Which she does. A lot.

Love the blog by the way.