Tuesday, 16 October 2007

"Be careful what you dream of it may come up and surprise you"

Lyrics from an Icicle Works song. I dreamed for years and years of having a daughter, finally got one and what a minx she is! Got the tribe all scrubbed and gorgeous ready for a photo session at Evie's nursery. Got there, the boys all assumed their various poses as instructed by the photographer...... Daughter refused point blank to leave my side - indeed clung to me like a baby monkey. Consequently I will be sending a christmas picture out this year with my ugly mug right in the middle of my babes. Great! Got home in a definite snot and decided to snap a few at home. Managed to persuade Evie to give her brother a cuddle and snapped away. Am pleasantly pleased with this one. You can tell by the expression that she wasn't in the mood for posing. Bloody women!


Self employed mum said...

What a handsome tribe of boys you have and a cute little daughter to finish off the family. Lovely. x

Self employed mum said...

Hi MMOF check me out cause TAG YOUR IT. x

Swearing Mother said...

Good lookin' family you've got there MMOF! At least you managed to photo them when they're not trying to punch each other's light out, all my family photos feature GBH of some sort unfortunately.

Especially the wedding ones.

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Why thank you ladies. For the mot part I am a very proud mum....

S/M Would the fact that there was a punch up at the evening reception for my first wedding make you feel any better??

Thanks to you both for stopping by.

ElizaF said...

Your children are stunning looking.

I take it you are counting the quality of the quality retirement they will provide you with :)

It must have been so strange having a baby girl after 4 baby boys ... the rules all change with girls, don't they?