Monday, 15 October 2007


Well September has been and gone, taking with it the last games of cricket and my birthday....... Its usually an industrious month in our house. As I have husband and older sons about, lots of jobs that have been neglected over the summer finally get done. We have started to clear out the loft (I was getting seriously worried that the ceilings may come down!) and had a change about of bedrooms for the boys.
Everybody seems to have got back into the swing of school or college and I have resigned myself to flying around like some possessed harpy in the morning rather than the leisurely preparations of the summer when I only had to get me and the daughter out of the door.
Number one son is getting enjoying learning to drive, though admits he doesn't find it easy -much to my relief. I didn't want him to be over-confident and breeze through learning........ Two 19 year old lads from ourtown have recently died in a car crash, which was a very sobering experience........
The football season is upon us and husband has decided to come out of retirement - yet again. I watch occasionally but its no good, its not the same as sitting watching a game of cricket on a hot summer's day with something cool in hand............
Was lucky enough to be invited to see Erasure - on the guest list no less. Felt v glam waltzing past the hoi polloi. It was at out local venue and my goodness the put on a real "show". Have seen loads of bands over the years but for shear entertainment, they certainly are up there with the best. Cheers Mark!
Birthday came and went, 42 isn't exactly v inspiring is it. Had lunch with a couple of lovely ladies, which was a real pleasure. Number one son bought me a Flake and a glossy magazine - that boy so knows his mother.............
Have been nominated for a work-related award and had the interview the day after my birthday................ Think it went ok but will find out on November 2nd. Keep your fingers crossed - I am embarrassingly keen to win!! Yet more evidence that I need to get out more!
The last day of the month I had promised our collective services to my mum and dad to help with the pruning....... It was a glorious day and we all set to with mum acting as foreman. It was so enjoyable just being outside with my kids and doing something productive. Our reward was a roast lunch with chicken for the boys and every conceivable vegetable for their non-meat eating mum. Just goes to show that the simple things in life can be so good for you.
OK, that's September. Will update you as to October's goings on soon. I promise and sorry for being so neglectful.


Swearing Mother said...

I should think so too! Was getting seriously worried about you MMOF: Sorry about the nagging.

Glad to hear all is OK with you, what award is that?

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Hi S/M. Was hoping you'd call by. I have the article if you would like a gander.

Didn't feel I was being nagged, it was lovely to fell missed. X

Norfolk Recruitment Awards. Really trying not to get my hopes up too much but soooooooo want to win. How sad am I!

Self employed mum said...

At least you've put your time to good use, sounds like you've got really organised and were not put off by stopping to blog so we will forgive you xx

beachfreak said...


Carrot first.

Your blog is great and I enjoy it lots.

Now the stick.

But you need to post more you naughty girl.

I know this is a really bossy comment, but that's what happens when you live with the witch, it's an osmosis thing.

Manic Mother Of Five said...

S/employed mum. Thanks so much for bothering....

Beachfreak, duly noted. Think I just had a post-summer (I know, I know what summer!) lull. Know you don't like the dark nights autumn brings and I think I'm a bit the same. Any tips for the writing would be gratefully received.

Swearing Mother said...

Heck, I know a celebrity! Congratulations and well done. Would love to read your article at some point.