Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Another manic weekend................... I'll start with the Awards Friday night........... Having had a fab new haircut at lunchtime, all I had to do was stick my body under the shower to freshen up and get the slap on. Plain black dress looked fab with some bling bling jewellery and I felt ready to face my fate........... Hotel was um ok, food was perfectly adequate. Compare was Karl Minns (part of the Nimmo Twins) and he was just side-splittingly funny - I cried with laughter and blessed whoever invented waterproof mascara. Then the award ceremony...............We entered for six awards, won two and came second in two. I didn't win the award I was nominated for and I AM GUTTED! We (me and my MD) spent hours putting them together so am chuffed to bits that we were the most successful company there but couldn't help wondering WHY I personally hadn't been successful. In the grand scheme of life its only a small, insignificant thing I know. The sun still came up Saturday morning - yes despite feeling distinctly groggy I was out of the house by 9 walking number 4 son to football. I walked because I didn't dare drive!
Number 4 son was his manager's man of the match(es) so he had a better start to the weekend than his mum!
Had a nap with the fair Miss Evie D in the afternoon and watched Strictly Come Dancing and Robin Hood with the tribe,then husband and I ventured up to the City for another night out - almost unheard of these days!
Helped the lovely Nikki celebrate her 40th birthday. She looked amazing - had shoes on that defied gravity and a silver dress that just looked knock out. I decided to drive to give my poor liver a rest after the previous nights battering. (Me drown my sorrows, NEVER!) It was a really lovely night with some great company, lively conversation and a good deal of people watching. We ended up in Chicago's and it was DIRE. Full of desperate people looking to pull. It did have one unexpected plus point in that I know have something suitably terrible to threaten husband with should he step out of line. I opined that he would have to come to places like that if we weren't together and the look of shear dread and terror was very telling!
Sunday was number 4's 9th birthday so was spent receiving visitors, cooking and generally enjoying being with my fab children. For part of his birthday present his dad took him to his first local derby - NCFC -v- Ipswich (the scum) - a gripping 2-2 draw, which apparently he LOVED.
So back to work on Monday and the publication of my second article in the local paper - will have another attempt to load it here.
Today we buried husband's maternal grandad. He died peacefully 11 days before his 85 birthday some 18 months after his wife of almost 60 years. I am not a religious person and have no strong beliefs but I like to think they are together again, content in each other's company once more. And so to tomorrow ......................................


Swearing Mother said...

Oh bugger. They gave the goddam award to someone else?? It was a fix, obviously.

Never mind chick, there's always another time.

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Hello lovely lady. Thanks for that - know its so not the done thing to be competitive but I wanted to win and they didn't think I was good enough.

Fuck em!!!! Onwards and upwards!!!

Self employed mum said...

There's no harm in wanting to win, can't believe they picked someone else, bloody cheek! 2 nights out in a row, it's funny how we can't cope as well anymore, when I was young...aaahhhh...I could do 4 in a row, now I can't even drink.

Keep your chin up, we all know you should have won. x

Suzy said...

Fuck em is right!!!!

You'll show them next time.

My condolences to your husband on the loss of his grand dad.

Thank you for commenting on my blog. Your lovely words went straight to my heart.

Just hug those kids as tight as you can. They are fortunate to have such a great mom.


Manic Mother Of Five said...

Hi s/employed mum. Lovely as ever to hear from you. You are so right - I should have won!!!!

Welcome Suzy. Will pass the message on to husband. We are all just glad he isn't suffering anymore.

As I type I am listening to husband supervising bath time - lots of shrieks of laughter. Think I will go and join the fun!

Talk soon x

Tina said...

Firstly, my condolences, to you & yours.

Secondly, what sort of damn idiots are these awards people? Right, that's it, give me their number, I'm going to phone them. Teach them to think they can mess with one of ours.

If you would be so kind as to agree, I'd like to link you on my site. It's poor comfort, I know...

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Hey Tina. Thank you so much for your kind thoughts and comments.

Of course they obviously don't recognise class when it slaps them in the face!

A link would be lovely xxxx

Kaycie said...

I am sure you looked stunning! Bummer about the award, but what do they know anyway?

We haven't gone out in ages. I think I'll have to dress up and drag hubby out tonight. I'll be sure to tell him he has you to thank. ;)

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

Clearly if the award went to someone else then the judges were myopic old farts and coffin dodgers that should be put out to grass. There's always next year sweetie. Anyway, you have a newspaper column and they don't - so there yah booh sucks to the lot of them!

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Hey Kaycie, hope you got all dressed up - bet you look fab. I know its a bit shallow but you can't beat the feeling of a lovely frock, good make up and a new hair do - god how vain am I.

MOB you are just way too kind. Thank you x