Tuesday, 27 November 2007


I had another very domestic day on Satuday. Being as scarily broke as we are my retail therapy hasn't just been curtailed, its been banned................. Sigh................ Anyway, the house is benefitting from my efforts and much clutter has been recycled/sent to the charity shop etc, etc.

So, I sat down to my Saturday early evening telly fest of Strictly Come Dancing, to be followed by Robin Hood feeling highly virtuous. Husband was making pizza in the kitchen with the younger three offspring and they were having a high old time...... Just listening to their banter and giggles made me feel soooooooo contented and lucky. I got the camera and managed to snap a few images...............

First we have Sam, mister conscientious, diligently sorting toppings out. Then Husband disproving the myth that men never read instructions. Then the fair Miss Evie-D in full flow - or should that be full roll. Never mind any of the other processes required, this girl just wanted to get that heavy wooden rolling pin and go for it. As she is but 2 and a half, I wonder what the future holds!
It was a lovely family evening and cost us not a penny..................

Friday, 23 November 2007


Whilst on a quest for upbeat topics to discuss/observe/generally opine about I realised I hadn't shared my other claim to fame (besides the writing for the local paper)............

Wait for it...................

Honestly, stick with me, it's worth the wait.....................................

We are, as in my and the tribe, the current BBC Breakfast Technology Family!!!!!!!

As such, we have appeared on LIVE tv twice and also done three recorded pieces too!!!!

As ever, it was one of my bright ideas - Maggie Philbin was on in January this year asking for families to apply and being the bright things that they are, the beeb chose US!!!!

Its been interesting to say the least - felt a complete burk doing the pre-recorded meet the family blurb. Sound really BROAD Norfolk! As in Bernard Matthews "bootiful". Ouch!!

Mind you, I was very popular with the boys and yes, husband is included in that collective, when we were given a Sony PS3 and all singing all dancing TV to play with. Have to say shooting people in HD proved very addictive and surprisingly relaxing!

We are waiting our next mission (should we choose to accept it of course).

See I am full of surprises aren't I!!!

Monday, 19 November 2007


Today I am glad. Glad I am alive, glad I am healthy and those I love are too. And I mean healthy emotionally and well as physically.................
A few things have contributed to this introspection and reflection. Even had a sleepless night last night churning life over. Some of my cyber friends have been talking about their pasts and events that have damaged them. I have cried reading them and felt utterly helpless, unable to offer any salve for their pain other than some words of sympathy. Self Employed Mother, who is retracing her past to unlock deep-rooted pain, Menopausal Old Bag, who broke my heart telling of the miscarriage of an unknown pregnancy and the devastatingly insensitive reaction of the GP who attended her. Then finally Suzy, over at Midlife Crisis who with a few simple, searing words laid bare the awful effect the lack of her mother's love and warmth has had on her.
Then last night I made the mistake of watching a documentary on tv about a Bulgarian home for handicapped children. I knew it would upset me and despite this I watched it all the way through, ending up sobbing at the neglect and disinterest that these poor children endured day after wretched day. Everyone was in bed, husband fast asleep beside me and the house was silent except for my sobs.
I have no answers to the world's ills, all I know is that for every child I read about who is mistreated, I kiss mine an extra time and hug them a little bit tighter and hold them just a few seconds longer.
I have no strong religious convictions and I struggle to rationalise it all, so have taken my existance to its simplest form and I am GLAD, GLAD, GLAD.
I hope this doesn't sound too Pollyanna-like but today I am just grateful I have a family who love me, a cosy home, healthy happy children and enough money to feed them. What the fuck else matters?

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Eight Things.........

I was challenged by the lovely Kaycie over at "Lost In the Bible Belt" to complete this. Have a go - it certainly got me thinking..........

Eight things I am passionate about:

1 My children
2 My husband
3 Baby whispering
4 Common sense (oh we so need more of this in the world)
5 My work
6 Writing
7 Ironing – I passionately HATE having to do it!
8 Social responsibility

Eight things I want to do before I die:

1 Hold my daughter’s baby
2 See Paris
3 Be debt free
4 Go to my children’s weddings
5 Look after my mum rather than her look after me
6 Feel I have achieved my potential
7 Lose three stone
8 Move

Eight things I say often:

1 I love you
2 Fuck
3 Stop………….
3 Fuck off
4 Please
5 Thank you
6 Bedtime
7 Fancy a shag
8 That can’t be the time

Eight books I have read recently:

1 The Snail and the Whale, Julia Donaldson
2 Guess How Much I Love You, Sam Bratney
3 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, JK Rowling
4 Secrets of the Baby Whisperer for Toddlers
5 Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen
6 I Like it When, Mary Murphy
7 Don’t Tell Mummy, Toni Maguire
8 Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Louis De Bernieres

Eight songs I could listen to over and over:

1 Evangeline – Icicle Works
2 This is the one - Stone Roses
3 I am the resurrection – Stone Roses
4 One – U2
5 Bad – U2
6 Love is all around – Wet Wet Wet
7 I’ll Sail This Ship Alone – Beautiful South
8 You Do Something To Me, Paul Weller

Eight things that attract me to friends:

1 Passion
2 Zest for life
3 Loyalty
4 Funny
5 Like minded
6 Bold
7 Opinionated
8 Adventurous

Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Another manic weekend................... I'll start with the Awards Friday night........... Having had a fab new haircut at lunchtime, all I had to do was stick my body under the shower to freshen up and get the slap on. Plain black dress looked fab with some bling bling jewellery and I felt ready to face my fate........... Hotel was um ok, food was perfectly adequate. Compare was Karl Minns (part of the Nimmo Twins) and he was just side-splittingly funny - I cried with laughter and blessed whoever invented waterproof mascara. Then the award ceremony...............We entered for six awards, won two and came second in two. I didn't win the award I was nominated for and I AM GUTTED! We (me and my MD) spent hours putting them together so am chuffed to bits that we were the most successful company there but couldn't help wondering WHY I personally hadn't been successful. In the grand scheme of life its only a small, insignificant thing I know. The sun still came up Saturday morning - yes despite feeling distinctly groggy I was out of the house by 9 walking number 4 son to football. I walked because I didn't dare drive!
Number 4 son was his manager's man of the match(es) so he had a better start to the weekend than his mum!
Had a nap with the fair Miss Evie D in the afternoon and watched Strictly Come Dancing and Robin Hood with the tribe,then husband and I ventured up to the City for another night out - almost unheard of these days!
Helped the lovely Nikki celebrate her 40th birthday. She looked amazing - had shoes on that defied gravity and a silver dress that just looked knock out. I decided to drive to give my poor liver a rest after the previous nights battering. (Me drown my sorrows, NEVER!) It was a really lovely night with some great company, lively conversation and a good deal of people watching. We ended up in Chicago's and it was DIRE. Full of desperate people looking to pull. It did have one unexpected plus point in that I know have something suitably terrible to threaten husband with should he step out of line. I opined that he would have to come to places like that if we weren't together and the look of shear dread and terror was very telling!
Sunday was number 4's 9th birthday so was spent receiving visitors, cooking and generally enjoying being with my fab children. For part of his birthday present his dad took him to his first local derby - NCFC -v- Ipswich (the scum) - a gripping 2-2 draw, which apparently he LOVED.
So back to work on Monday and the publication of my second article in the local paper - will have another attempt to load it here.
Today we buried husband's maternal grandad. He died peacefully 11 days before his 85 birthday some 18 months after his wife of almost 60 years. I am not a religious person and have no strong beliefs but I like to think they are together again, content in each other's company once more. And so to tomorrow ......................................

Friday, 2 November 2007


Ok, I have had a very hectic week - managed to fit in leg and under arm wax, had the roots re-touched (sorry to disappoint those of you who were convinced I was a natural blonde), spoiled myself with a couple of sunbeds and bought a new frock following mother's negative comments regarding my original purchase. All this whilst fulfilling the usual maternal duties - I do try fobbing my children off by telling them they just don't need to eat EVERY day but they remain resolutely unconvinced and, of course, working. Well I shown up every day and gone through the motions. Have been seriously distracted though.
Why I hear you chorus.
Well, dear friends, tonight is the Recruitment Awards and I am nominated for an award as is the company I work for. Moreover, I WANT TO WIN.
Have desperately been trying to be all laid back about it but its no good, I know I will be desperately disappointed if I don't.
Its all my mother's fault - she's extremely competitive and successful and along with vetoing my choice of dress she then started to opine that why do people celebrate coming second and there's no point celebrating that. No pressure then mum!
I am trying to keep it all in perspective and looking upon it as a work night out rather than anything else and we always have a good time together when we go out en masse.
Wish me luck!