Tuesday, 22 January 2008


Hi there everybody. What a momentous weekend!
The company I work for is part of a large national group and they had a presentation evening to celebrate their golden anniversary - 50 years of being in business. To mark the occasion they decided to hold a dinner dance/presentation evening in Kent, where our head office is.
We had discussed going as a team several months ago and at the time I was looking forward to it. As the weekend drew nearer and the reality of being separated from my tribe became all the more imminent, my anticipation turned to dread. I had never been apart from the daughter for a night and I wasn't keen to change that fact.
Oh well, I was commited to go so duly packed and said my goodbyes. The journey was pretty awful - roadworks held us up just half an hour down the road and heavy rain accompanied us for most of the journey. Well eventually we arrived to a rather nice 4 star hotel, which perked me up. A couple of drinks and a snack and I was feeling better so we trotted off to get ready as the function was due to start at 5 - yes 5. Bloody silly time if you ask me but there you go. Obviously it was a fairly extravagent event so out came the full length black silk number and as "something golden" was the order of the day I bought myself some seriously lush gold shoes in the sales and finished the ensemble off with a gold clutch bag.
The first hour consisted of a fair amount of waffle and company self aggrandisement...... And then the awards started. Well such was my bad humour at being separated from the five who made me manic that I had forgotten all about these......
My MD and I had put several nominations in and were gratified to win one award and be highly commended in two. Then came the award for Best Temp Consultant, 2 names were read out and then mine................ and the winner is ME! Well I was surprised and delighted in equal measure. We have 80 plus branches and a turnover in excess of £60 million to give you have some idea of the standard of consultants I was being compared to. Big smiles and photos with the group chairman followed.
Then we ate - crap meal, terribly slow service. The disco was the generic one who did your auntie's wedding. He even played YMCA. Dead on 12 the music stopped and my room mate and I were pleased to trot off to bed. It had been a long drawn out affair, even if my award is pretty!
Next morning we had a lovely breakfast and were on the road by 9.30. Our driver was still feeling somewhat delicate shall we say so I got to drive us home. Door to door in 3 hours - that'll do me.
Daughter was in bed and the boys just about managed to acknowledge my arrival - nice to know I was missed!


Kaycie said...

Congratulations on your award!

I used to travel for work on occasion when my kids were fairly small. I would always cook and freeze up dinners for them while I was gone. I'd come home to find them all still in the freezer and the house filled with take out containers and pizza boxes. I never learned not to cook before I traveled. I think it was my way of fighting the guilt of being gone.

Suzy said...

Congratulations on your award!

Now you can celebrate again with your own tribe!!


Tina said...

Hey, get you! You award winner, you!

You're such a red carpet type of woman, I expect we'll see you in Heat soon...

She's like the wind said...

Fantastic, see your not manic at all! x

knifepainter said...

Well done luv. Nice to be appreciated.

I used to go to the odd one of those awards things.
I even got invited by my boss to one once, and after I had accepted the coveted top table invitation, he informed me I was to bring a camera and do the official photos !
I made my feelings known and didn't go........I also never won an award !

Mid-lifer said...

Well done you!

Hear what you're saying about not liking to be away. I just feel plain weird without my two and I hate it when they go on sleepovers!

Think I might just suffer from empty nest syndrome when the time comes.

Manic Mother Of Five said...

Hi Kaycie, thank you. As for the cooking, well you are more dutiful than I am!

Hey Suzy, indeed I can - they just said I was the best, never mind what at. How sweet is that?

Tina, excuse me Vogue or Cosmo maybe but not a weekly glossy!!!!

Windy (giggling!!)I thank you but if you could see me in a morning trying to get us all out of the house with PE kits, lunches, clean teeth, clean clothes, brushed hair and nursery bag, let alone getting myself suited and booted, manic doesn't even come near!!!

Hey Knife, cheers honey. I could think of some awards you should be nominated for but not sure they have categories such as "man with the job most envied by other men"!

Mid-lifer I am already dreading the day mine leave home. I console myself that as the daughter is only 2, I have plenty of time to get used to the idea!!!!

Swearing Mother said...

Sorry, had my head in a bucket so missed this, but congrats anyway. The girl done good!